Well, hello there. You are reading this so it means you might actually care who is behind this virtual diary.

Yes, I am real.

So what are we doing here? And why would you want to come back?

Is this just another fashion blog? I hope not. With fashion being so diverse and constantly changing there are too many topics to touch upon. So why pick? It’s this exact change that I hope to show through my content, be it text, photography or video. Whilst fashion is a serious industry, we should not be taking it too seriously. It can be about having a signature look or being someone else every day, about recreating your idols’ favourite looks or wearing something in your own way, about blending in or making a statement. Either way, it should be fun and exciting. It should make us feel good.

So this is what this blog is all about. Making people feel good. So good that they want to come back every day. So I hope you do.

- Maria

Contact: routethirteencontact@gmail.com


  1. Hey I nominates you for the liebster award! Check it out at the link below.


    ~ Caroline


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