How to wear a boiler suit


My favourite post I have ever written on the blog has to be the one where I premiered this boiler suit from Amazon. It all started as a joke but became a) my favourite blog post and b) one of my most appreciated posts on the blog and Instagram. Despite that, I realised that I haven't mentioned the boiler suit since nor have I updated everyone on how I have been putting it to use. If you want to see how I have been wearing this out, keep reading. 

These photos were taken in Milan, when I fortunately came across a part of the tram line that was being worked on. Although this boiler suit will probably never be used for its intended purposes, I thought it was fitting to shoot it in its natural environment.

On this day, I was walking around the city so I decided to pair it with my Adidas Superstars, like I did in my original posts, but added a turtleneck underneath and wore my puffer vest on top for added warmth. Not only was it warm, but it kept me comfortable the entire day. One tip for those who might want to replicate the look however, make sure you wear tights or some form of short leggings underneath. I found out quickly that day that the material this is made of was definitely not intended for people to wear straight on their skin (the chafing was real).

I'd like to start my little boiler suit wearing club so please comment below if you're a fan and tell me how you wear them! 

xx, M


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