How to improve your week by outfit prepping

If you hadn’t been able to tell by now, clothes are a big thing for me. What I wear has a huge impact on my mood and how my day is likely to go. After many failed outfits that left me in a bitter mood all day I decided to try something new. 
Until a month ago, I used to decide what I was going to wear on any given day the morning of. Although it required less prep, this made me less efficient and more likely to have a bad outfit day. On more than one day I have had to compromise and either wear something I wasn’t entirely happy with or go into work 15 minutes later than I had originally planned to (the perks of flexible working hours).

After this happened a few times, I decided to start planning my weekly outfits over the weekend and have been carefully laying each one out the night before I am due to wear it. Ever since, I have felt better in my outfits and I have been able to leave the house earlier than ever. This doesn’t only make my life easier in the morning but it’s a fun exercise to run one day on my way home from work or at the weekend. I now like to gather inspiration throughout the week, creating a mental mood board if you would like, and put together my outfits for the week based on it.

See below a summary of my weekly outfits, all planned and prepped in advance.

Day 1

This grandma sweater (that my grandma knit for me) really goes with any outfit so I paired it with a mini skirt and ankle high boots for a more modern touch. Not pictured here, but the sweater also has stripes on the back so I thought I'd add a little something something with a mix of prints. 

Day 2 
I am completely serious when I say I rediscovered this boiler suit and I haven't taken it off since. Really, I'm wearing it right now as I'm writing this. It's the best transitional piece to wear to work as it's super comfortable but also keeps you warm with the right layering. 

Day 3 

A strange choice maybe (I still haven't decided) but on Wednesday I decided to wear my tennis skirt, pairing it with a colourful turtleneck and my Adidas Superstars. I was also wearing printed blue tights but they're not really visible in the photo. I felt a bit exposed all day for wearing sports apparel to work but in the end I'm glad I took the risk as I'm unlikely to wear that skirt for actual tennis playing anytime soon.

Day 4 
Thursday was my day of feeling grown up so I wore heels and a blazer to work. This outfit was mostly inspired by these new boots I found in a charity shop that look oddly similar to the Saint Laurent Nikki boots  that are way out of my budget. The boots are a completely different story which will land on the blog sometime soon though, keep your eyes peeled.

Day 5
To get myself through Friday and welcome the weekend on my last work day of the week, I wore my well loved flower printed trousers and an all black ensemble.

Having gone through a few weeks of prepping my outfits now, I can say this is so much easier than winging them in the morning and it allows me to experiment a lot more with my clothes. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone. Move over meal prep, outfit prep is new thing.


  1. Its amazing how different each outfit made you look. I know what you mean about high heels making you feel grown up! I should be more organised with my clothes too.

  2. I'm terrible when it comes to clothes I tend to have the same style of outfit each day of leggings and a long top. I definitely could do with making more of an effort.

  3. I am about to start a new job so I think outfit prepping with work so much better for me now. love your choices x

  4. I think outfit prepping is more important if you go out to work everyday. Working from home I must admit I wear tunic tops and leggings all the time. Love those flower printed leggings

  5. That’s a really good idea, at the moment I just drag out whatever I can see and usually regret my choices later

  6. I think it's a good thing to plan your outfits before the week starts. It's definitely going to save you time running around the room thinking of what to wear that day! I love all the outfits that you wore!

  7. I haven't outfit prepped in a while but I used to do it lots when I worked full-time!

  8. I do this too and have been doing it for a long time. I find it gives me time back in the morning to get out the door a lot faster.

    I also enjoy the time to do this. I put on some music and then I go to it. Like you, you do get to discover a lost outfit or treasure that you forgot about.

  9. I love those patterned trousers - they have a lovely colour and shape.

  10. It would be pure luxury to be able to plan my wardrobe like this; unfortunately for me, my day starts off determined by a 6 year old, so not always the best choices. Your idea is a great way to save time, and not be left with that last minute panic of what to wear .

  11. Angela Ricardo Bethea23 March 2018 at 01:47

    I do really love the Day 4 outfit. It looks really stylish and classy look. Perfect outfit for office and any occasion.

  12. Wow! Your stye is so eclectic and fun - I love it! I especially love the boiler suit - although I'm not sure I could pull it off as well as you! xx

  13. I love your outfits, especially the skirt in day one and the jumper in day three. I really need to outfit prep as I'm a nightmare for wearing the same things all the time and having to grab whatever is closest in a rush

  14. I've never thought about outfit prepping before, but it makes so much sense and it would help me a lot. Each morning I throw all my clothes on to the floor trying to find something to wear.


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