I’m giving my clothes a second chance

Maybe it’s the Gemini in me but I somehow end up going through phases of being bored of my clothes more frequently than most people. It’s not even ‘I have nothing to wear’ phases, it’s entire months of thinking I will never wear certain items again. This usually ends in throwing them away and regretting it 2 years later when I wonder where my suede cowboy Zara boots are.

However, when I got that feeling again last week, I decided to give my clothes a second chance by fighting it. To prove this brown leather jacket still had a place in my wardrobe, I made myself think of outfits I could include it in and like. In this post I decided to show my favourite one: skinny jeans, a cream turtleneck to compliment the cafe au lait colour of the jacket and knee high boots. Paired with a high bun, this outfit made me feel great.

Not to ruin your read but in the end I still decided to get rid of this jacket, which now sits happily in my eBay feed HERE. However, that wasn’t because I didn’t like it. I do. It was because it's too long for my body and the only way I’ve found it looks flattering on me is with a really skinny bottom, which doesn’t make it versatile enough to keep.

Ultimately, the real value that came out of this experiment was rediscovering my wardrobe and playing around with my clothes in new ways. Honestly, I look forward to not liking my clothes again so I can try this a second time.IMG_3763
I want to hear your thoughts though, have you ever done this or would you try it? 


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