I Gave Up On Jeans For 5 Days

Hi, my name is Maria and 80% of the time you will find me wearing jeans. Saying this feels like an AA confession, but that’s probably just because it’s recognising my lack of styling originality. This personal challenge has been in the back of my head for over a year now but I have diligently avoided it all this time. Jeans are my safe place, so keeping them untouched in my wardrobe for 5 full days was scary. Nevertheless, I’ve done it now and I hope you enjoy.

Day 1 

Started the week off with leather trousers and a lot of layers on the top. I was initially going to wear this with yoga pants but chickened out at the last minute because it didn't quite feel appropriate for the office. I wanted to give off the feeling that I was being swallowed by my huge puffer jacket but this is Zara not Canada Goose so it opened at the front and just made my torso look too big. I kinda liked it though. 

Day 2
On Tuesday I decided to leave trousers at home and opt for a skirt instead. Went for shades of pastel wearing a skirt I stole from my mum's wardrobe, a lilac sweater my grandma knit for me and patent boots I dream of wearing with patent trousers for a head to toe look. 


Day 3 

Day 3 saw the return of the trousers, this time in velvet form. These might look like skinny jeans in the photo but I assure you they are not. I took this challenge very seriously. Although they feel like leggings, the velvet material makes me confident to wear them out, even at work. I paired this all-black look with super sparkly earrings that are way too formal for work and Converse shoes. 

Day 4 

Getting close to the end here and I am glad I planned all my outfits before the week started because I wouldn't have been able to get through this challenge otherwise. On Thursday I wore my new favourite colour combination - pink and red. When I was young, I used to think this was a fatal mistake when dressing, what a dummy I was. Went for a fairly casual look since I was going, again, to work. 

Day 5
Back to my patent boots because I am obsessed with them right now, but a much more standard 'me' look. It was Friday so I dressed in anticipation of the weekend, wearing my cashmere (maybe, definitely feels like it) hoodie, Uniqlo culottes and a long line coat.


And this is it! I made it through 5 days of not wearing jeans and on the 6th I put them back on - see HERE. Although I might not purposefully keep away from jeans again, I am definitely committed to finding more alternatives to wear from now on. I'm thinking a pair of grey, high waisted, pin striped trousers or maybe a black and white check skirt...

What do you guys think? Would you give up on jeans?

Disclaimer: Photos shot on an iPhone X because I couldn't be bothered to take my DSLR out every day at 7am before work for this. I hope the exorbitant amount of money I paid for this phone means the photos will live up to everyone's expectations nevertheless.


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