Canadian Tuxedo in Cali

Denim on denim is something that can look horrible if done wrong, so for a long time I was apprehensive about wearing it. Recently however

I have found that if you mix classic denim pieces together they can look really good. I think the key is to steer clear of any tie dye or ombre denim, as those can make the whole outfit look less put together and thought out. Although some might also say you shouldn’t mix different shades of denim, I kind of disagree because as long as the individual pieces have classic shapes, using different shades can actually add more dimension to the look. 

Whilst I was in California, partly due to the fact that it was 30 degrees outside and the only other jacket I’d packed was a leather one, I decided to go with the double denim look and didn’t hate it. In retrospect, I wouldn’t recommend it on a hot day but it could be a great option for a warmed day in the UK. I forgot mine on the trip but I feel like a pair of hoops would have also been a great addition to this outfit, so do try that if you decide to replicate this. 

I'm intrigued to hear your thoughts though, is double denim your thing too or not? 


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