Back in the Hoodie Game

I hope you enjoy this post because these are truly some of my favourite photos posted here on the blog. 

I’m not a fan of tracksuits, especially when the option of yoga pants exists. However, I have recently rediscovered the appeal of wearing hoodies.
Back in school I wore a velvet hoodie (not Juicy Couture because I wasn’t cool enough), with jeans and thought that was the epitome of style, so whenever I see one I can't help but think back to those time. Nowadays however, I like to keep my hoodies simple.

In a previous post I wore this hoodie underneath a leather jacket as one of three items you should always buy from the men's department, but I wanted to do it justice and wear it on its own too. 

It’s refreshing to wear a hoodie as a top, I recommend it. I personally decided to wear it with one of my favourite pairs of jeans and the oldest pair of Converse shoes I own - 10 years and counting. 

What do you guys think? Would you bite the bullet and wear a hoodie as a top? 


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