The Underrated HOT Accessory of the Summer

I think it’s safe to say the straw bag wins the prize of summer’s most popular accessory. Unless you have been living under a rock or don't have an Instagram account (which in today's world is pretty much living under a rock) you will already be aware of the fact that everyone who thinks they’re anyone owns a straw bag in some shape or form. 

Although I totally get the appeal of a straw bag (I mean let's be real, it maintains the illusion that you're walking on the beach in the South of France even if you are actually just dragging yourself to work on a rainy Monday morning in London and Harper's Bazaar has written about it) I think that a massive contender to the title has been overlooked.
The French net bag.

In the beginning of June, I was in pursuit of my own straw bag in Deauville (what better place to buy a straw bag than a quaint little town in Normandy?) when I came across this net bag. French people have been using these net bags for groceries for ages, but I as soon as I laid my eyes on it I saw the perfect summer bag. Precisely because it's the perfect summer bag, I wanted to style this little yellow thing three ways to show you just how versatile it is.

Outfit 1 - The British Girl in France Look

With my Superstars and denim I looked like a proper teenage British girl in France but for some reason, I loved this mismatched denim pairing and it was the perfect thing to wear from day to night on a long weekend in Toulouse. 

Outfit 2 - The Supermarket Run

I thought it was only fair to use the bag for the purpose it was meant to. A while ago I wrote a post on how supermarket chic is becoming the new normcore and I very much still stand by that, so here's another outfit option for your grocery run. You're welcome.

I obviously also had to 100% wear a matching scrunchy with the bag.

Outfit 3 - For a City Gal 

I thought boyfriend jeans were out of fashion and my days of wearing them were over but the other day I wore them with an unrolled hem, my New Look mules, a white t-shirt and my perfect summer bag and absolutely loved it. 
And here's two potatoes in a bag.


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