I Hope You Can't See My Nipples

When I was young I used to be fascinated by anything new in stores. Whenever Zara brought out a fresh collection, I instantly had to buy something to have a shiny, new piece in my wardrobe.

For the last year however, I have been gravitating more and more towards hand me downs and vintage clothing.
Pre-owned clothing and I have always had a love-hate relationship, which has very obviously shifted to the love side lately. If you want evidence, I travelled to Toulouse last weekend and 4 out of the 7 items I wore there were either hand me downs from my mum and grandma or vintage pieces. That means 57% of items were vintage or hand me downs. If we want to be statistically accurate, we could try and estimate what percentile of the fashion population I’m located in based on that percentage but I feel like that is unnecessary.
This outfit is probably the best example to showcase my love for hand me downs. My grandma knit the top, the belt was bought at a vintage market and the skirt used to be my mum’s.

I think what I have started to appreciate the most about pre-loved clothing is that it always has a story behind it. I find it harder to connect with clothing bought in a charity or vintage shop, but that is why I like to steal clothing that used to belong to my mum or go to markets to meet the owners that I am buying the items from. Plus, I have said it before, but I always get the most compliments when I wear stuff that used to belong to my mum or grandma, which only comes to show that a beautiful, classic piece will always withstand the test of time better than any fast fashion item. 
Tell me, do you prefer hand me downs or are you more of a fast fashion kinda gal?


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