The Easiest DIY You'll Ever Come Across

The other week, whilst browsing Amazon for a flower brooch inspired by this Man Repeller post, I came across a very different pair of daisy hair clips/brooches that straight away inspired me to write this post.

Recently, nipples have been celebrated more than ever and not only in the fashion community. Even the high street has seen plenty of t-shirts with nipple embellishments. See a few examples HERE, HERE and HERE, some subtler than others.

Therefore, when I saw this pair of daisy brooches, I knew I had to create my own embellished t-shirt. I would have loved to detail this with elaborate steps and photos but this was really the easiest DIY project I’ve tried in a while - the only thing I had to do was pin the brooches to a white t-shirt I already owned. Considering the amount of effort that had to go into this, I was super happy with the result. 

P.S. Three years ago I wrote a post about how women shouldn’t give up on their bras and offend me with their nipples, which doesn’t reflect my current opinions at all anymore. However, I still keep it on the blog so I can re-read it every other week and make myself feel better with how far I have come (jk I keep it for my future biography). 

Tell me, would you adorn your nipples with daisies or do you prefer other kinds of flowers?


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