I'm Welcoming Colour Back in My Life

In a previous post back in December, I let my boyfriend choose my outfit and got sent straight out of my comfort zone. He not only dressed me in colour, he colour-blocked. Back then I very much lived in my neutral palette of all-black with a pinch of grey so I was very uncomfortable in this new territory.

Since then however, I’ve realised that actually I’m a neutral palette kind of girl only 6 months a year. If until February I was faithful to my blacks and greys, the second the sun started shining I welcomed colour back into my life. Don’t ask me why that is the case, but I just don’t feel like wearing colour in winter. The good thing is that the sun is back now and so is colour in my wardrobe. The present outfit features a lovely purple jumper that my grandma knitted for me and these gold boots, which have grown on me so much that I can now call them a day-to-day piece.            


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