Something Old, Something New...


Have you ever had one of those weeks when Tuesdays feel like Fridays and by the end of the actual Friday all you want to do is curl up in bed and sleep for 72 hours? Although my body wouldn’t be capable of the incredible feat of sleeping for 72 hours straight, I know that a week like that will usually end in a Saturday spent on the sofa and minimal personal achievements like getting off that same sofa and making lunch.

Two weekends ago however, I turned what should have been a very lazy Saturday in a full closet clean up, which mostly involved tidying up what had become my very messy wardrobe. I normally manage to keep my wardrobe relatively tidy because messy surroundings completely demotivate me and somehow crush any ounce of my creativity, but this time I had let everything completely slip away. Hence, the aforementioned creativity crushing and a general feeling of lacklustre followed, so I had to force myself to fix the situation.

What I usually love most about tidying my wardrobe is finding all those things that have fallen behind drawers, got stuck and subsequently lost in between things I never use or misplaced in my underwear drawer and being inspired by them again.

This time I rediscovered this vintage chiffon shirt that I had been struggling to style for a few months. I got it for £1 in a big vintage sale about a year and a half ago and had only worn it once since. Because it has shoulder pads and a retro shape, I found it hard to style without making it look too pretentious. Last week however, I tried it on with a new pair of cropped flared jeans from Topshop and completely fell in love. I also left the two pieces of material by the collar loose instead of knotting them into a bow to give it a more relaxed look, which I think changed the whole aesthetic of the top.
Since I wore these out for a day trip to Arundel Castle, I paired them with my trusty Zara pointy boots (I really don’t know what I’ll do when these break apart from too much use), a puffer jacket and my parka on top. 
And because I’m such an old lady, I even took my crosswords with me.
JK. This is completely staged if you hadn’t realised yet. Many of my friends were embarrassed in the taking of this picture.


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