Are Hoops Back in Style or Is It Just Me?

           My interaction with hoop earrings has been non-existent in the past 8 years or so – the last time I wore them I was probably 15. Back then I used to wear various sizes and colours ranging from neon yellow to fuchsia, which I think caused me to need a prolonged break from them.

            The other week however, inspired by recent street style looks and some of my friends, I decided to take the plunge and invest in some new hoop earrings. By invest I mean run to Primark and get a £1 6-pack of golden hoop earrings. I started off by dipping my toe in the water with the smallest size pair and was surprised by how much I loved wearing them. Like with every successful relationship, I went from 0 to 100 straight away and the next time I upgraded to the largest size. I can now say I’m hooked.

                   Since London gave us a little preview of summer this weekend, I thought what better opportunity to wear my hoops again? I paired them with a red-striped t-shirt (as part of my attempt to wear more colour) and straight leg jeans. I’ll admit, I loved this outfit so much I wore it twice this weekend and I’m convinced this is going to be my go-to ideal summer outfit. There's just something about gold accessories that makes any outfit look elegant and super cool and screams summer to me. 

Tell me, are you getting on the hoop earring trend bandwagon too or should we all give up on trying to bring back the 2000s? 


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