1 Item, 5 Days: The Silk Scarf

Hey there. Here I am with another instalment of 1 Item, 5 Days, this time unpacking the many uses of a silk scarf. If you’re a white t-shirt and jeans kinda’ individual like me, you will appreciate the power of a good accessory. A pair of statement earrings, a fedora hat or a colourful silk scarf can completely change that basic pairing turning it from drab to fab (sorry, I had to).

As a lover of basic silhouettes, I previously ventured in illustrating how versatile a t-shirt dress can be and how it can morph into 5 different outfits. This time however, I talk about how a simple scarf can spice up your outfits in 5 different ways and as usual, will take you through my week wearing it. So let's get started.

Exhibit A – Monday

Do you remember in the days before dry shampoo became a thing, how 9 out of 10 times when someone came to school wearing a ponytail they hadn’t had time to wash their hair? Well, 9 out of 10 times you’ll see me wear a classic scout knot scarf around my neck, it means I would have been too bored to come up with an interesting enough outfit to wear. The exhibit above shows you exactly that: me wearing jeans, a striped sweater and Adidas superstars but trying to make it all less mainstream by adding a scarf.

Exhibit B - Tuesday

As I was saying before, I love to pair really plain items with colourful accessories. In this case I wore my mum jeans and this Uniqlo sweater that also made an appearance in my first 1Item, 5 Days too (I love it) with the biggest trench coat I could find. To all of that, I added a tiny bag with massive personality due to the scarf I twisted around its handle.

Exhibit C - Wednesday
Happy Hump Day means I was happy enough to have got through Monday and Tuesday, so there was no energy left for choosing an outfit. Went with the same jeans and t-shirt principle and spiced it up with the scarf as a belt. I got instantly cooler, I think. 
Exhibit D – Thursday
It's Thursday and we're on outfit number 4 so I get prematurely excited about the weekend and thus inject a bit more life into my outfits, which means it’s time for the scarf as a headband/turban. This takes you from 0 to cool in an instant, especially if paired with a terracotta coloured Joe Pesci coat. If you don’t understand that reference, read this.
Exhibit E - Friday

Friday – do I need to say anything else? t-12 to the weekend so it’s time to go ham on the accessories. This look somehow still started from the invincible t-shirt and jeans combo but put on gold boots and a tweed hat and you are ready for whatever Friday night brings. Quick golf session under the stars? Your hat will keep you warm. Want to go from your desk straight to the club? Your gold boots will get you in everywhere you’d want. And let’s not forget about the piece de resistance – the scarf. Tie it over your t-shirt and you have top-level layering. If you get too hot in the club, ditch the t-shirt and pull a Beyonce bandana look circa 2000.

I am now opening the floor to a poll - which outfit is your favourite and how do you wear your scarves? Let me know! 


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