Covering a Food Baby and the Various Uses of Layering

I’m not a massive fan of sweets and desserts and yet today started with 3 Nutella, biscuit spread and strawberry filled pancakes. I blame Pancake Day entirely and all I want is to cover myself in layers of clothing to hide my – still there – food baby.

Contrary to sweets, I am a top fan of layering, some of my favourites including dresses over jeans, denim over leather jackets, iced tea over lemonade and lasagna. In this particular case, layering not only looks good and tastes delicious, it can also cover the consequences of stuffing my face.

The easiest way to do that is to layer jackets. You don’t have to wear a shapeless top or sweatpants, wear a short layer under a longer one, preferably of different textures and volume, and you will instantly seem smaller. Two easy tips to remember: wear something that does flatter your body and don’t drown yourself in clothing.

Whilst in Milan, the land of flavoursome pasta and pizza and everything else great in between, I opted for my puffer jacket under my trench coat to cover up any potential food babies. My stiff denim skirt already did most of the work (maybe you can go with something more comfortable) but when it comes to layering, more is more.

Do you layer and if yes, what is your favourite way to do it? Tell me all about it. 


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