One Item, 5 Days: The Slip Dress

            A few years ago my friend uncovered this old photo of us from when we were 9 years old, in which I was wearing wide-leg culottes and coloured-lens 90s sunglasses. I couldn't find it for the purpose of this video but, trust me, it was hilarious. At the time, I cried with laughter and wondered how my mother let me leave the house dressed like that. Lo and behold, here we are today and everyone is wearing culottes. 13 years ahead of time, my mother must have predicted the trends that were to follow.

            Similarly, when I was 14, my mother bought me two Pepe Jeans dresses that came with slip dresses underneath. At the time, I hardly wore them and frankly, didn’t see their purpose. Two years ago, I was about to throw them away, but decided to give them another chance. Last month, I wore one of those slip dresses 5 days in a row. Once again, my mother predicted trends years ahead of their time.

            A year ago, I wore a Brandy Melville t-shirt dress 5 days in a row to show you how versatile it could be - HERE. Today, I’ll do the same with one of the slip dresses my mother got me.  

Therefore, welcome to instalment #2 of the ‘watch Maria wear the same thing 5 days in a row and get really stinky in it’ show.

Exhibit A
I started my slip dress experiment on my first day back home for the holidays. This was initially supposed to be a post about how to pack more efficiently because I went home for a week with only hand luggage. However, I quickly realised that wearing the slip dress every day meant that I had packed extra stuff to add to my outfits to make them different, which completely defeated the purpose of efficient packing.

Anyway, to defeat Romania’s cold I decided to wear my trusty grey turtleneck under the slip dress, a pair of black jeans (no rips) and ankle boots. 

I was still cold.

Exhibit B 
On the second day I didn’t really leave the house so I opted to wear my slip dress as an actual dress, over another, ribbed, dress (see what I mean about not being efficient at all?!) and belted it with my Western belt.

Exhibit C
After being a top and a dress, it was finally time to turn this into a skirt. Same boots (only boots I had with me) and a cable knit sweater thrown on top and this became a whole new outfit. That weird brown thing that looks like my umbilical cord is actually a very reliable belt. 

Exhibit D 
Day 4 and I thought it was only fitting to pair my first ‘One Item, 5 Days’ piece with the current one. This actually turns my first post into ‘One item, 6 Days’ and shows that there are endless possibilities when it comes to garments that are this classic.

Exhibit E 
Okay, this might look like I wore the slip dress as a top again, but look at that knot on the side! And I paired it with my Adidas Superstars instead of the boots. It’s practically a whole new garment! I think I like this one the best - it looks fittingly 90s. 

The question is, what do you think? Which look was your favourite? Do you have one? Do you wear slip dresses? Tell me all about it.


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