How to Accessorize Your 2017

Hello. Hey there. Welcome to a new year.
If you’re reading this, you’ve managed to get through 2016 and you’ve also somehow stuck around to reading my posts. Thank you for that. Sometimes I wonder how I’ve managed to fool some of you to keep following the random cogitations I post here every week. If you’re one of the special people that like my blog I love you very much.

Partly because my social media feeds have been inundated with posts about 2016 highlights and partly because I personally prefer to look into the future, I will skip the traditional NYE post this year. Instead, I will draw a rather stretched parallel between wearing gold bobby pins and my life philosophy because it felt strange not to mention the New Year at all.

As I mentioned in my previous post here , colours scare me. Ask me any day and I would much rather put on a pair of simple jeans and a plain jumper than a colourful, embroidered combo. Stick to the basics is what my conscience always tells me. However, I’ve been recently trying to venture towards special pieces to add pizzaz to my outfits – metallic shoes (these (Gucci on a budget much?!) and these just came through in the mail) and sparkly accessories being my top picks to achieve this.

At the moment, the metallic shoes are still unboxed in my wardrobe (I need to work on my sense of adventure in dressing) but I’ve wholeheartedly adopted the gold accessory policy. Baby steps, I say.

One morning, my three-day hair gave way to this funky hairstyle for which I had to retrieve my high-school days bobby pins. Throughout my life bobby pins have generally had two uses: to secure my bun when I did ballet and to help me cover the massive mistake of getting bangs at 14. 

              As usual, I stuck to an all-black outfit (I promise I’ll try some colour…soon) but added the golden bobby pins and loads of gold rings. It’s always the subtleties of an outfit that attract me, rather than full on colour blocking or print mixing, so this nod to eccentricity seemed just right. 


Enough with my blabbering now, let me know, what is your accessory of choice and what is your source of pizzaz when dressing up?! 


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