How Shoes Can be Achievable New Year Resolutions

2017-01-08 17.32.57
Sticking to New Year resolutions is hard. Granted, that’s mostly because they are set by vulnerable people who feel pressured to do so, at a time when many expectations to renew yourself are created. Most times, the intention to go to the gym, eat healthily or travel more is there, but the motivation is hardly strong enough to keep that going much longer past January.

            Somehow related to resolutions but only coincidentally linked to the end of the year, last month, when someone else picked my outfit here, I realised (or rather I had to admit) that my choice in outfits is not that adventurous. Therefore, I decided to make an effort to get out of my comfort zone every once in a while. Now, resolutions like that are much easier to stick to, especially if they involve shopping in the sales.

            The result of my attempt at branching out was buying two pairs of very metallic shoes that were conveniently cheap but made enough of an impact. One of them is shown in these photos. These golden River Island boots have given me a little more spring in my step and have clearly added some more pizzaz to my daily living.

2017-01-08 17.32.40
2017-01-08 17.33.49
                 These are definitely not a day to day shoe (or maybe I haven’t cracked the secret to wearing them every day) but I’m excited to discover new ways of wearing them. Hopefully, my attempt at being more adventurous will last longer than standard resolutions. 

2017-01-08 17.33.48
2017-01-08 17.34.35
2017-01-08 17.35.38


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