3 Clothing Items That Are Better Bought in the Men’s Department

           The thing I’ve grown to love most about clothing is that nowadays you can pretty much do anything and everything you want with them. You can wear a skirt as a strapless top. You can wear sandals with socks (I know, who would have thought?!). You can even decide to not wear any clothes at all.

            One of my favourite indiscretions when it comes to shopping for garments is peeking into the men’s department. As fashion has moved towards androgynous styles, more brands have brought out ‘boyfriend fit’ shirts, jeans etc, you name it. Still, none of them manage to do it as well as the originals you can find one level below, in the men’s department.

            I have found pretty much anything in the men’s department, but 3 particular items stand out to me.

 1.     The chunky sweater

       There’s nothing quite like a slightly oversized men’s sweater to keep you warm in the winter. This particular one is from French Connection (on sale HERE!) and is just casual enough to work with every outfit. As you can see, I wore it in a very relaxed fashion but that doesn’t mean you can’t elevate the outfit. Pair it with tailored trousers and some heels and you’re good to go.
2.     The white shirt

                Ah, the white shirt. I’ve seen numerous ‘boyfriend fit’ white shirts that are very similar to this one. However, there’s something in the simplicity of a white men’s shirt that always fails to be replicated in the women’s version. For some reason, women’s versions always have some superfluous addition that ruins the whole idea of a classic aesthetic. In addition, any shirt that is beautifully simple in the women’s department will be WAY more expensive than the same one would be in the men’s department.

Get yours HERE.
3. The basic hoodie

              Another personal favourite, a hoodie is a) really warm b) comfy c) can be quite stylish. I wore it here under my leather jacket and paired them with mum jeans and a plain black turtleneck. Maria style decisions 1-0-1 right here – just wear all your basics together. If you ever want a hoodie, just go to the men’s department, don’t bother with women’s. Here is a similar hoodie if you are too tempted.



  1. so true, I love to shop at the men´s section whenever I want an oversized fit :)


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