How to Wear an (Actual) Boiler Suit


It all started with Birkenstocks, continued with Ugg boots and has now culminated with the boiler suit. There have been enough ugly trends resurfacing this year to not be surprised by another one. Less of an ugly trend per se and more like re-appropriated attire, the boiler suit is possibly ultimate proof that anything can be classed as fashion. There’s nothing that says style is subjective more than using an industrial garment, that offers no definition to one’s body whatsoever as a fashion statement.

If you’re really into the idea of a boiler suit, you can buy this Anthony Vacarello one for £470, or this Isabel Marant one for £192 at 50% off. Or, you can just get this WWK one from Amazon at less than £15 and even pick your favourite colour.

Most of you will notice that there’s a stark difference between these options: the first two are fashion garments, the third one is an actual boiler suit. Boiler suits are not really my thing, but when the idea came up one day at work during lunch, I couldn’t resist – could an actual boiler suit work as fashion and as a debris protectant? Well, guess what - they all work just the same.

If you want to opt for a casual look, roll up your sleeves and trousers, put on a pair of trainers or loafers and you’re off. I paired a red lip with everything to add a bit of colour. Don’t forget to also belt the boiler suit to highlight your waist and give some dimension to the ensemble.

For a dressier option, un-roll your trousers, put on a pair of heels and off you go. 
If you want an even bolder choice, get rid of the belt. You can also add a scarf but that is optional.


To conclude, here are a few reasons why an actual boiler suit is a great sartorial choice:
1. You are fully protected in case you need to venture down a coal mine.
2. It has the perfect sized pockets - you don't have to worry about your belongings slipping out of them when you sit down.
3. It can keep you very warm in winter. Maybe not ideal in summer.
4. It's way cheaper. 


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