How to Make Normal Nail Polish Look Like Shellac

Whenever I think of nails, I can’t stop but be surprised by how they can mean so many things to us. We can judge people by the cleanliness of their nails or even by their shape (remember when this was a thing?). We can also use our nails as a pampering means, as a message board, or to scratch our backside. We are nothing but resourceful if we have managed to do so much with what is essentially a bed of dead skin.

Some like to say that you can judge a person by their shoes, but I think nails are an even better criteria. Are your nails square-shaped? You might be a conservative person. Do you prefer to change your nail colour regularly or do you stick to your classics? Do you like your natural short nails or do you prefer luscious gel nails? Do you ever go out with chipped nail polish? Do you bite your nails? Do you like nail art? So many questions and so many human characteristics they can define.

I’ve always seen getting my nails done as my one high maintenance treat a month and my chance to be able to gossip knowing that whatever I say will remain behind the salon door as I leave. That has slightly changed since I moved to London and getting your nails done went from £15 in Bucharest to £45+ here. I now think that getting your nails done means you have succeeded in life and do it much less often than I used to.

Nevertheless, I like to have well looked after nails just as much so I have delved into finding the perfect instruments and products to make them look like I go to the salon every month even though I don’t. After years of research I can finally say I have found the perfect products so naturally, I made a video all about it.

Basically, the recipe for success is:

OPI’s Start to Finish Treatment + Nail polish of choice + Seche Vite = Salon Nails @ Home

Now you can watch the video and see for yourself.


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