Transitional Dressing is AWESOME

There are three things that make October one of the best months of the year: pumpkin spice lattes, Alicia Silverstone’s birthday and transitional dressing. Without these things many young girls wouldn’t be able to get into the festive autumn mood, tartan co-ords and the importance of an Alaia dress would be lost in pop-culture and we would never be able to wear a sweater dress without tights. And how boring that would be…

            I have professed my love for transitional dressing before and this year is no exception. How boring is it to have to wear clothes meant for the same time of year together? There’s nothing more exciting than piling on the sweaters on your top half and hope they will keep your bare legs warm for the whole day. The beauty with London’s weather is that it’s the perfect incubator for transitional dressing. This weekend I was originally planning on wearing a turtleneck under a denim shirt, under a blazer and have it all belted up. Instead, I had to go with a crop top in place of the turtleneck and forget the belt at home because the weather was weirdly nice. 

And this is what came of it.



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