How to Make a Capsule Wardrobe Your Own - Multi-Purposing Everything

Each year around this time, there’s a period when every website, blog and newsletter will try to sell you top tips to streamline your clothing selection. The 6-month throw away rule will stare you in the face with a condescending smirk every time you open your wardrobe and the pressure of dressing with 33 items or less will haunt your dreams. This is the period I have privately named Capsule Wardrobe month.

A disclaimer worth mentioning is that as much as I’d try, I could never have a capsule wardrobe. Surely, I have toyed with the idea before, when I wanted to buy new clothes for autumn but also had to justify getting rid of all the impulsive purchases I’d made in the summer sale, but I have never succeeded in the attempt. My issue is that, much like a child, I get distracted by everything shiny and eclectic, like THIS, going against the whole purpose of a capsule wardrobe.

However, I have found that I very much like to integrate the principles of a capsule wardrobe into my own to make myself feel less guilty when I buy yet another unnecessary pair of jeans. One of the main tenets of a capsule wardrobe is making sure that everything you buy can be built into 3 or more outfits using items you already own. This is something I like to adhere to as well, only I like to think of different ways of wearing the actual item, which also happens to include mixing it with items I already own. What is more, this means I can buy however many clothes I want without stressing about having met my quota. 

Take this top for example:


You can wear it buttoned up at the front and paired with your jeans of choice for your day-to-day at the office or you can switch it backwards in a matter of minutes to show some back for the evening.

Or add some jewellery of your choice to bring more attention to the back.

Get your smile on and you’re pretty much ready to go - you don't need a capsule wardrobe to be efficient in your purchases.


This post is part of a series of three where I try to impart my knowledge on how to go around the rules of a capsule wardrobe and make them your own.


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