How to Find Fashion Inspiration Elsewhere and other Short Stories


Recently I’ve found myself in a real rut when it comes to choosing what to wear in the morning. Initially I thought I was bored of my summer outfits and I needed autumn to arrive to bring a fresh new wave of inspiration. However, here is autumn and it’s been taking me a long while to ramp up when it comes to my sartorial choices. For the past few weeks I have been sticking to standard outfits I know always look well, but those haven’t managed to make me feel as content as they used to before.

That sartorial satisfaction came back yesterday from an unexpected place – make up. I do wear make up regularly but I have always used it as a means to enhancing my features rather than for artistic experimentation. This changed yesterday when I decided to honour the unicorn-themed birthday party I was going to by putting lip-gloss on my eyelids.

Glossy eyelids are a mostly editorial technique and have been a thing for a while but yesterday I was inspired to try them out for some more shine in my life. Conclusion? They looked great for about 15 minutes and then they started bunching up. Much like it does on the lips, my lip-gloss seemed to constantly attract my hair, causing it to stick to my eyelids.


Hence, I would definitely try it again, but I’m curious to find a way to make the gloss slide around less (if at all possible). Please throw any advice my way if you have a solution for that and enjoy me making silly faces and trying to show you my glossy lids in this series of artistic selfies.

P.S. I guess the moral of the story here is that if you’re feeling stuck in a rut of any kind it doesn’t have to be the same thing that brings you out of it. To be more specific, I didn’t need to go buy new clothes to feel refreshed because I found that inspiration in make up. So whenever you are feeling a bit lost and uninspired, try and look towards other parts of your life that could supply you with that extra inspiration.



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