How to Fake Fashion Week

Last year, when I decided I would start writing more seriously on this blog, I wrote down a personal goal of making it to Fashion Week the following season. Three seasons later, I still haven’t made it (not that I’m bitter or anything). Considering we’re half way through Fashion Month, I thought this was a more than appropriate topic to discuss today. Fashion is a funny paradox – it brings together great communities of creative people but it also creates exclusive circles that make fashion inaccessible to normal people. The epitome of that exclusivity is Fashion Week. Without the power of followers or knowing the right people in the industry, your chances of getting into Fashion Week are pretty slim. But the again, maybe I didn’t struggle enough to get into shows through the back entrance or crash parties to meet the right people.

Either way, I just didn’t feel like rushing to gain more followers or trying to connect to people I don’t care about just so I could get into a show – yay for meritocracy. However, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get to enjoy Fashion Week – I just created my own. So here is a comprehensive guide for how to fake Fashion Week and have just as much fun.

1.                    Mornings won’t be the same for the duration of ‘fake Fashion Week’. You’ll have to walk to your preferred mode of transportation, your desk or toilet as if 50 street style photographers are following you at every step. Watch exhibit A.

2.                    Leading on from point 1, you don’t have to change your usual underground commute or bus and you don’t have to tag #uber_nyc in every single Instagram post. #TfL worked just as well for me and dare I say it was more efficient than Uber could have been. See exhibit B.

3.                    Fake Fashion Week means you will never be late for a show AND you will always have a guaranteed front row seat. Watch exhibit C.

4.                    You will avoid every moment of panic because your party outfit wasn’t delivered on time. Your pyjamas will always be there for you. See exhibit D.

5.                    Finally, you will still get paid at the end of the month because who can just go around and hang out at shows and still be able to make a living out of it?


  1. "thank you #tfl for my London Fashion Week ride" omg I am dying hahaha this is so so great! found you on Instagram and stalked your blog for a bit, love it babe! x

    1. Hahah Uber doesn't even compare! Thank you so much love, as I mentioned on Instagram, I love your blog too xx


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