Becoming Elvira Hancock

The summer of 2012 marked my first viewing of the Godfather and with it, a dive into 80s films like Once Upon a Time in America and Scarface, a few of my favourites to this day. A few months ago, Scarface was mentioned again in the context of my Applied Economics lecture and I decided to revisit it to see if I would see it any differently four years apart. And I did, but not in the way most would probably expect me to.

            Past 1980s America and drug cartels, what struck me the most was Elvira Hancock and how well she wore those slinky, silky, low cut dresses. If that film were set today, Elvira Hancock would most definitely be full of ‘swag’. Firstly because she’s the queen of no nip slip - whatever boob tape they used in the 80s, I need some. Secondly, because even in her drunken, drugged-up self, she didn’t take any shit from anyone. So as a freshly graduated 22 year old with moderately sized breasts I decided I would like to try and assimilate some of that Elvira Hancock swag myself.

            So far, I ended up not wearing the low-cut dress I was planning to at my graduation party and I took no shit from my internet provider when they told me I had to wait a few days for my broadband to be fixed. And then I saw that Man Repeller partnered with H&M and all I had to do was style an outfit to potentially get a mentorship with Leandra Medine. I’d be happy just to get to listen to one of her jokes to be fair so I jumped at the opportunity. And how best to do it but dress like my Elvira Hancock alter-ego.

            It all started with a Zara slinky dress, a la Elvira. Then, because I didn’t trust myself to avoid a nip slip like her, I added an H&M Bardot crop top, one of the best and cheapest items I own, underneath. Finally, because I need to escape the black hole that was revision period and its library attire, I added my best pair of heels to the ensemble. And that was that. Oh, and I also used the belt that came with the dress as a choker – feel free to tie it as you wish.  

Add a denim jacket if you want to make everything more casual.
Or add a pair of funky socks of your choice if you want to spice it up. Preferably sparkly and looking as if they used to belong to Cinderella.

Dress: Zara
Top: H&M
Cuff: H&M
Denim Jacket: Massimo Dutti
Socks: Asos


  1. Okay but I love this post! I like that you showed us alternatives into styling this chiffon dress. I think my favorite was that you were not scared to mix and match your patterns because I always get weary of doing so. Not only that but layering a denim jacket over them both was perfection, especially with the addition to the socks. It reminds me of something Rihanna would do, but you pulled it off well. Great post!

    1. Thank you so much lovely! I'm glad you liked the outfit and the layering. I know it can be a bit too much for some and that's why I showed all the different alternatives, everyone can pick and choose what they prefer. I hope you have a lovely day xx


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