Non-Committal Nails


We all know that the winter holidays are the only time you can clad yourself in head to toe sparkle without anyone judging you. Ergo, it’s also the season everyone thinks they can pull off Balmain-inspired sequined dresses for New Years Eve even though they can’t.

Within the wide range of glitter options, the most popular manifestation however is nail polish. Glitter nail polish works if you like to bathe yourself in glitter as well as if you only go as far as changing your usual Starbucks order to a Pumpkin Spiced Latte. Wearing glitter nail polish makes you only appropriately excited for the holidays as opposed to that person who, come November, changes her ringtone to ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’.

We’re almost in April though, so why even talk about glitter nail polish?
Well, April is one of the few months that can be considered far away in time from the holidays. People start thinking about Christmas from around August until December and then can’t be able to let go of the holiday spirit until March.
Now, I’ve eyed my glitter nail polishes many times in the Spring and Summer, feeling tempted to give them a go but never did. Surely glitter nail polishes would be somewhat out of place in summer, wouldn’t they?

Theoretically, I’m saying no and encouraging you to wear glitter all day long, 365 days a year (well, 366 this year). Practically, I associate glitter so much with winter that wearing it during any other season just seems weird, much like I associate white trousers so much with summer that I find it difficult to wear them in winter (next time I say I’m an open-minded person feel free to reference this). 

HOWEVER, for anyone else who feels the same about glitter a) high five b) I have a solution. And that is the non-committal nail. Most people would call it an accent nail but I prefer my name better. Having one glitter nail for each hand, two in total, only amounts to 20% of nails being covered in glitter, which by my books is fine. No one will even notice it but every time you’ll look down on your nails there will be some cheeky sparkle. Don’t feel like going with glitter? Try metallic, there are some amazing shades out there. My personal favourite is Chanel’s ‘PĂ©ridot’, which unfortunately was a limited edition shade. There is an identical budget option though - Topshop’s Hidden Treasure.

Now, have you met the noncommittal nail before? Do you do that sometimes? Let me knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.



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