Monday, 4 January 2016

Is Supermarket Chic the New Normcore?

Current location: Tesco
Current mood: Lazy af.

Most days, a supermarket is a fashion haven, mostly because it’s the only place where fashion can be non-existent if you wanted to, no matter how much Vogue tries to make it look like couture would have a place in the dairy aisle (SEE Vogue circa 2007).

But what about the days when you still need some life changing coconut oil and don’t want to look like a complete mess? Enter: supermarket chic - the ultimate form of normcore, maybe even the new normcore – dare I call it supercore? Often involving monochrome basics, it can be considered classic elegance that thinks leggings can be pants and the North Face Nuptse jacket is the ultimate luxe accessory. 

Supermarket attire is supposed to be easy, convenient and unpretentious. But what happens when one Nike dry-fit pair of leggings, one sweater and one –preferably neon (monochrome if you’re going for a Scandi look) – pair of sneakers later convenience stops being the only thing governing it, and you actually start liking your supermarket look? That is when you become supercore. That is when you could take your dog out on a walk to Wholefoods before meeting your friends at the super fancy-new-hip-cool place wearing your supermarket attire and feeling like you’re teaching everyone around a Linda Rodin worth style lesson. That is when you, my friend, have understood that the power of style does not lie in wearing the latest and greatest but in wearing whatever makes you feel the latest and greatest. There goes your motivational speech for the day.

So tell me? Do you wear supermarket attire or take your Chanel pearls to Tesco? And would you wear supermarket chic to a chic brunch too?

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