Monday, 3 August 2015


Have you ever put on some clothes and thought ‘yes, man, I love this’? Because this is how I felt when I put on this outfit. It might sound narcissistic (it probably is too) but I just felt so good wearing this that I wore it two days in a row. I wore it through 27 degrees and sweat.

Similar to one of my latest posts (you can read it HERE) this Luisa Spagnoli blouse used to belong to my mother. I think she bought it and didn’t like the way it looked on her so I slowly revived it from the back of her closet. There is something about that delicate lace that just makes this the perfect summer blouse and the off-the-shoulder detail adds the perfect touch to it. There are so many ways it can be worn and I can feel it going everywhere with me this summer (to work that is). Trying to avoid sounding too girly but completely failing, this is the prettiest thing ever.
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