This weather wasn’t in the cards. Any of you in or around London will know what I am talking about. I am so glad I didn’t buy that fan I was planning to last weekend because today I had to put my duvet cover back on my bed. Summer seems to have left London because today I wore the exact sweater I was wearing in these pictures and I wasn’t warm in the least. So I thought it was only fitting I dug these pictures out of the archives.

I discovered this skirt in my grandmother’s wardrobe last time I was at home and found out it was what my mother wore for her college graduation. In the past few years I have been loving stealing items that used to belong to her and every single day I regret that she gave away her high-waisted jeans – those would have truly been the perfect mum jeans. I remember a good few years ago when she came back from one of her business trips having bought me some clothes how disappointed she was that it was the first time I actually didn’t like what she had got me. I remember her saying the time had come when our tastes didn’t coincide anymore. Maybe she was being a bit dramatic but I am sure she will be happy to see that although our tastes have developed in different ways, I still get the most compliments when I wear items that once belonged to her. Maybe that is because I feel the most comfortable and close to home in them.



  1. Oh, how I envy the weather you're having. It's so damn hot in Bucharest I can barely wear any clothes at all. I love your outfit, I love the sweater and if I could, I'd trade temperatures with you :)

    1. Haha thank you! I'm sure we'll both miss summer when winter hits though, I'm actually looking forward to experiencing the slightly warmer weather back home in about a month.


  2. Love this Maria!! You're style is great. Keep up the posting!


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