My Super Dupers

Sunglasses are a very funny thing. I have always seen them as an investment - if you buy the right pair you only need one. This is why I have always bought slightly more expensive ones and never really came close to high street brands. I never really went full out either though, I would still be pining after the Celine Audreys or Karen Walker's Super Dupers, which I knew were both out of my budget. Until one day when I came across these ones in Topshop. I was there with a very specific item in mind and wasn't fooling around but I tried them on out of curiosity and completely fell in love. The lenses are a very similar shape to the Celine ones and, as opposed to those ones, these actually fit my face. Plus, the blue temples completely got me. 

In the end, the fun thing about cheaper sunglasses is that you can buy a quirkier pair even if you might not wear it every day. Investment pieces (are they?) can be great additions but sometimes it's fine to have a little fun with your look. 

I remember reading an article on ManRepeller encouraging the purchase of cheaper, yet more out there pairs of sunglasses. Although at that moment I dismissed it thinking that wasn't for me, that I would rather save up to buy an amazing pair, maybe - just maybe - I might be converted. 


  1. I feel so identified! When I studied abroad and was on a really tight budget I decided I would only buy quality pieces to wear in the long-term. However, in these days I can only think about trends, and that is highly expensive. I've been buying at local stores to calm my conscience, but still... we converted :)



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