Commitment Issues


The first couple of months I lived in London I thought the weather was schizophrenic. Being used with the coldest winters followed by the hottest summers, with not much spring or autumn in between, coming here, where it seems like spring is eternally mixed with autumn was pretty disconcerting.

However, British summers showcase the beauty of this schizophrenia perfectly. It’s not hot enough to make your makeup melt and armpits stick and not cold enough to have to layer up. It’s the perfect weather for wearing bare legs with a jumper.

When I first started reading fashion blogs I would watch the likes of Rumi Neely sport cropped Levi’s with heavy knit jumpers and be completely confused by how those two could even be practical together. I really didn’t see the point of sweating on top and freezing on the bottom, surely some sort of outfit in between would have worked better. But in reality, that IS practical for London summers because, essentially, the two balance each other out. It’s strange because that would be a terrible option if the weather were constant. However, it’s perfect for weather with commitment issues.

Now, let me know, are you a fan of sweaters and bare legs? 


  1. It definitely looks good on you! You're so gorgeous! I met you on heartifb, and just wanted to say hello!

  2. yes I am huge fan on sweaters and bare legs! <3

  3. Where is the sweater from? Its gorgeous


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