Blake LDN

Keeping in line with what I was talking about in my previous post I feel like London Fashion Weekend introduced me to some amazing new brands. One of them is Blake London. Specialising in knitwear, they give off that effortless, casual vibe that I sometimes like to think I manage to pull off, and all of their pieces are made in the UK.

Just a warning: their products are pricy. I am not sure I would be willing to pay £200 on a jumper just now but I can’t deny their quality. I managed to get a deal at London Fashion Weekend and bought this top for £45, which is still probably the most expensive tank top I have ever owned. To my defence, it is of really good quality and the elegant cut got me. Since I took these pictures I have been wearing it non-stop, maybe a bit too much. Oops.

- This top does blend in well with any outfit but I feel like it's too good to just let it blend in. Looking forward to styling it as being the star in the future -


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