There's a Cape for Everything

If you couldn’t guess by the grin on my face I was pretty excited to be there.

You know when something is so cool that you decide to buy it even though you might not use it more than twice a year? Capes, I believe, are one of those items. They are cool, weigh much less than you would expect something so warm to and they look effortless. Please note, the key word here is look. A cape is much more effort than one would expect. To begin with, they can make you look like a lopsided oompa loompa in no time. There has been more than one occasion that one side of my cape has slided off my shoulder and was dragging on the ground and I only realised that because people started stepping on it. What is more, no bag bigger than a crossbody and heavier than Giulianna Rancic would work with a cape unless you are going for the Quasimodo look.

However (and this is a big however), they look so cool. They are much easier to throw on than to keep on and they are really warm without adding 3 pounds like a puffer jacket would. And if you’re just going for a stroll around town, they are perfect. I got this cape when my mum visited me in London and, because she’s my biggest enabler, I ignored all of my worries that I might never wear it. And I’m glad I did because, surprisingly, capes are very versatile pieces. This time I decided to wear it as it had been intended to but I have previously worn it as a huge scarf here and just the other day used it as a picnic blanket however naughty that might have been.  


Big thank you to Emily Hill for taking the pictures.


  1. You look amazing!! Love your whole look, and your big smile :)


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