The 5-Day Packing Challenge | VIDEO

So. I AM GOING ON HOLIDAY. You have no idea how long I have been waiting to be able to say these words. Growing up, I used to go to the sea every single year so my summers never seemed complete without going to the beach. I might appear spoiled to say that but it’s pretty much what I identify my summers with. I have always felt at ease by the sea and going there for a few days is just what I need to unwind for the year ahead. What makes it even better now is getting to spend my birthday laying on a beach and sipping on a chilled drink.

Anyway. You are not reading this just so I could yammer about how much I love the sea (how many more times can I say the word 'sea'?). As strange as it may sound, summer holidays are the ones when I tend to really over pack. One more breezy dress doesn’t take up that much space, right? Or at least that’s how it all starts, before turning into ten more breezy dresses, a pair of shoes and a floppy hat. But not anymore. This year I took on the challenge to pack my 5-day holiday in a hand luggage. When I was first thinking of buying the tickets I knew this time I would have to pay for the extra hold luggage too. But then I thought I didn’t actually know nor did I have to have a hold luggage, it felt exciting to try and fit everything into a smaller bag. I’ve always been a fan of efficiency. So, that’s how it all started.

And then I made a video. Although that meant packing with two days in advance, which is so unnecessary, I am pretty happy with my attempt.  We’ll see later on, I suppose, what essentials I forgot and whether or not I’ll end up regretting my choice.

For now though, let me know your thoughts on the video. What would you pack for your summer holiday and do you think you could fit everything in a hand luggage? 


  1. the video explode my emotion even more when i started read about your 5 day packing challenge. all you need is just that one hand bag and fit?! wow! just wow!! i think i should challenge myself also. ahahahha. anyway great post love it. have a nice summer !


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