London College of Fashion Masters Exhibition

Yay yay yay I'm back. 

So here it goes. I haven’t even written this yet and I know it’s going to take me ages. Between deciding what to actually say and trying to avoid watching a new Game of Thrones episode, beginnings are always the hardest. The fact that I’m trying to recount something that happened four months ago does not make it any easier either.

Back in February, right before Fashion Week started, I went to see the MA London College of Fashion exhibition thanks to Diana. For any of you that didn’t know, LCFMA is an exhibition that showcases the best masters projects of the current year. And the best thing about it is it’s free. Everyone can get in and everyone is encouraged to. If, like me, you want to think you have an open mind when it comes to modern art but still can’t get over the abstract, seemingly nonsensical art pieces of some, LCFMA could be the right place to start. You might come across psychedelic videos and headpieces that look like in-flight pillows (i.e. THIS) but you will also be able to admire the tangible sewing skills, craftsmanship and visual aesthetic of others.

With so many fashion graduates out there, few actually end up in our wardrobes by the likes of Alexander McQueen and Phoebe Philo. I believe it is important therefore to support the ones that are just branching out and try and boost some new talent. I, for one, was incredibly surprised by the designs of Giovanni Paolini, in none other than the Womenswear Fashion Design and Technology section. In my ignorance, I was expecting strange contraptions made out of wiring and LED lights and instead came across skilfully handmade 3D embroidery that hugged the body in better ways than any Herve Leger bodycon dress ever could.

Better late than never I suppose, we are now 4 months closer to the next MA exhibition so keep your eyes out for it and by all means go and check it out if you have the opportunity. It will, literally, cost you nothing.

Also, check out Giovanni Paolini and, for more details on LCFMA, University of Arts London.



  1. Great shots that you'e snapped. Amazing event with truly fascinating talents! :))


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