Making Old Sights New

Slowly getting the hang of the manual settings on my camera so I took full advantage of my one-day trip to Oxford this week. As much as I love the sun, I always find rainy weather to have a certain dreamy charm to it so I was more than happy for the clouds that day. 
I had been to Oxford numerous times before but never got to actually see its history. So here are a couple of pictures I took of the Bodleian library and of other sights around town. I would recommend a trip to the top of the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin to anyone, you get a full view of the whole town for only £4 (£3 if you are an Oxford student) - one which is definitely impressive. Bring a map and you might be able to identify some of the colleges and buildings! DSC_03821


  1. Love these photos of a different place. Thanks for sharing!


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