If I Ever Write a Book...

If I ever need a cheesy picture for my future book these are the ones I'll choose from. 

Somehow I made this next photo look particularly posey but my boots looked nice and the quality was too good not to post. I kept and kept complaining about having no one to take my pictures here, in London, but a couple of weeks ago my luck changed. I went to Diana's (check out her blog here) flat to help her with an interview and in turn took advantage of her to help me with some pictures. 
This is literally my daily uniform. Jeans, a black top and black boots. I did wear heels, surprisingly enough, only because I like these boots too much. And to go ahead and blurt out a cliche, they are really comfortable, too. They are quite high, with no platform, but I can still walk in them the whole day. Sightseeing would still be a challenge though, my claim doesn't extend so far.  

Thanks once again to Diana for being so lovely and helping me with these pictures, and thank you for finally teaching me the intricacies of my camera's manual settings! 
Coat: Mango | Sweater: Vintage | Jeans: Zara | Boots: Topshop


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