Winter Whites

These pictures were taken so long ago I am not even sure they are current anymore. I feel like I could have very well worn a crinoline dress and it would have still been the same thing. I finally brought my tripod to London and managed to experiment with it a bit, seeing as this year I can finally make use of a bare, white wall. Again, because these pictures were taken so long ago, a new clothes rack that was very necessary to prevent my wardrobe from cracking now obstructs my white wall.

The no-white-in-winter rule goes along the lines of no white after Labour Day but it isn’t quite as strict anymore. If many people, especially in the US are still adamant that wearing white after Labour Day is pretty much a crime, winter whites have become a trend this year (see: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) and I love it. Haven’t tried the all-white winter look but I feel like there’s still time; February might be just the right time for it. In the meanwhile, I took it easy with the white, pairing my skinnies with a khaki jacket to pretty much hide as much of the white as possible (I have always struggled with doing things half way when I am not entirely confident). 

P.S. Nope, wasn't looking for my keys on the floor. 

Hope you enjoy! 



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