Too Cool for School

I had been avoiding catching up on Stockholm Streetstyle posts for ages because once I start browsing I can't really stop. With the amount of work I've had lately that would have been incredibly counter productive (i.e. I am currently on page 73 and nowhere near done). Today however, I decided some browsing wouldn't hurt boost my inspiration and sartorial creativity. 

That is when I came across this. My God. I don't even know how old* these girls are but man, do I want to be them. I think I was still wearing Ugg boots and thought they were cool when I was their age. The Olsen twins would be proud and I think I have just found my new favourite pair of sisters**. There's just something about them, isn't there? 

...I need to press publish but I'm still staring at the picture. You're probably not even reading this because you, too, are staring at the picture. Don't blame you though. 

*If you guys are older than you look then I'm sorry and I feel you, I'm still 12 in some people's eyes. But it's good! At least you guys look like fashion prodigies. 

**If you are not sisters, my bad again. But you are, aren't you? 


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