That Hat


People have been going crazy for their hats so I thought it was time I went crazy for mine too. I could hardly call myself a hat person, this is only hat #2 for me for as long as I can remember buying anything myself, but I think something might be happening. I had been looking for a hat like this for ages but couldn't bring myself to spend £40 on a Topshop one, so when Aldo offered me a gift card on Vogue Fashion Night Out I spotted this and the rest was history. Thinking in retrospect I might have rushed; it's a size L, thus slightly big for me, so any gust of wind is an issue now. However, I do still love it and I think it's pretty versatile - I always like to put it on to add a little something to my outfit when I've been too lazy to wear anything interesting. People around me seem to like it too since I have received quite a couple of compliments on it. 

And also.. HAPPY 2015! I completely forgot I did post something in January but didn't get to wish anyone reading this a happy new year...


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