Saturday, 31 January 2015

Normcore But Not Really

Again, these pictures were taken in the intimacy of my flat, right before heading out to Uni. Be without fear, a nicer setting will soon come to your viewing. 
Something about the pinstripe trousers with the marled coat seemed like too much to me but in a very strange, good way. Again, the whole outfit looks a bit normcore but at the same time it doesn't. Maybe it's just me, not having that laid back attitude or maybe it's just a bit too put together to look like something you just slapped on. The trousers are a bit large for me so the leggings I was wearing underneath were the only thing keeping them on, whilst the green hoodie I had to wear for work completed the look just perfectly. 

Thursday, 29 January 2015



            Mid December I went on a quick trip to Milan, before heading back home for Christmas. I took many pictures whilst there and Milan is definitely not a city to lack beautiful sights but this one is definitely my favourite. The Duomo is by far Milan’s most representative landmark and it doesn’t disappoint – inside and out. The fact that you could stand halfway across the open space in front of it and see around you showed just how much the rain that day had kept people from venturing outside. As much as the sun can make my day, I’m grateful for the gloomy weather in retrospect, as I got to see the Duomo pretty much to my discretion.

            It never ceases to amaze me how impressive certain places can be. The Duomo is one of them. Maybe it’s the size, maybe its symbolism, or just the incredibly vivid colours of the stained windows but I don’t think anyone could walk in there and be indifferent (or ‘meh’, to use popular terms).  

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


I am slowly starting to post pictures of clothes that could actually be worn in this weather! This means I'm getting closer and closer to current pictures (which also means I'll soon have to start creating new content... ). 

My mum came to see me in November. Not sure whether it's because I'm away from home now but she felt like spoiling me. So she got me this sweater. I love it. 

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Too Cool for School

I had been avoiding catching up on Stockholm Streetstyle posts for ages because once I start browsing I can't really stop. With the amount of work I've had lately that would have been incredibly counter productive (i.e. I am currently on page 73 and nowhere near done). Today however, I decided some browsing wouldn't hurt boost my inspiration and sartorial creativity. 

That is when I came across this. My God. I don't even know how old* these girls are but man, do I want to be them. I think I was still wearing Ugg boots and thought they were cool when I was their age. The Olsen twins would be proud and I think I have just found my new favourite pair of sisters**. There's just something about them, isn't there? 

...I need to press publish but I'm still staring at the picture. You're probably not even reading this because you, too, are staring at the picture. Don't blame you though. 

*If you guys are older than you look then I'm sorry and I feel you, I'm still 12 in some people's eyes. But it's good! At least you guys look like fashion prodigies. 

**If you are not sisters, my bad again. But you are, aren't you? 

Friday, 23 January 2015



These are two items I don't wear that often separately but somehow work really well together. I got this sweater on my first ever trip to Topshop, when I was a bit overexcited and young, buying a couple of things I didn't really wear for long after. The shirt doesn't really have a story (not that the sweater has a very interesting one either), plain old H&M. Kudos to London for topping that layering game. 


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

That Hat


People have been going crazy for their hats so I thought it was time I went crazy for mine too. I could hardly call myself a hat person, this is only hat #2 for me for as long as I can remember buying anything myself, but I think something might be happening. I had been looking for a hat like this for ages but couldn't bring myself to spend £40 on a Topshop one, so when Aldo offered me a gift card on Vogue Fashion Night Out I spotted this and the rest was history. Thinking in retrospect I might have rushed; it's a size L, thus slightly big for me, so any gust of wind is an issue now. However, I do still love it and I think it's pretty versatile - I always like to put it on to add a little something to my outfit when I've been too lazy to wear anything interesting. People around me seem to like it too since I have received quite a couple of compliments on it. 

And also.. HAPPY 2015! I completely forgot I did post something in January but didn't get to wish anyone reading this a happy new year...

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Winter Whites

These pictures were taken so long ago I am not even sure they are current anymore. I feel like I could have very well worn a crinoline dress and it would have still been the same thing. I finally brought my tripod to London and managed to experiment with it a bit, seeing as this year I can finally make use of a bare, white wall. Again, because these pictures were taken so long ago, a new clothes rack that was very necessary to prevent my wardrobe from cracking now obstructs my white wall.

The no-white-in-winter rule goes along the lines of no white after Labour Day but it isn’t quite as strict anymore. If many people, especially in the US are still adamant that wearing white after Labour Day is pretty much a crime, winter whites have become a trend this year (see: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) and I love it. Haven’t tried the all-white winter look but I feel like there’s still time; February might be just the right time for it. In the meanwhile, I took it easy with the white, pairing my skinnies with a khaki jacket to pretty much hide as much of the white as possible (I have always struggled with doing things half way when I am not entirely confident). 

P.S. Nope, wasn't looking for my keys on the floor. 

Hope you enjoy! 

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