Wednesday, 23 April 2014

To Bra or Not to Bra?

It seems to me that lately there has been a tendency in women to give up on their bras. I feel like there’s a coalition forming against this poor piece of cloth and wire that has so far been an essential item in almost any woman’s wardrobe so I couldn't help but jump to its rescue. At first it was fashion bloggers (I suppose that’s where it all generally starts, right?) and I tried to wrap my head around it; what happens under someone else’s jumper is none of my business. And who could blame anyone for wanting to feel more comfortable? But now summer’s coming round and layers are fewer and fewer and I don’t know if I’m comfortable with bra-less women in t-shirts.

Does this mean I’m a prude?

Or worse... am I close-minded?!

            Of course, besides fashion bloggers, I don’t know if before or after though but debates like these have been and will be going on forever, there are numerous scientists and health websites that hold very firm positions on the benefits/infinite drawbacks of bras. Around five years ago there was a general belief that butter was the best nutrient and definitely the only healthy option for use in anything one was planning on using as nourishment. Then, a couple of years later, a breakthrough study actually proved that margarine was the better of the two and people switched to it worrying about the years they’d lost by eating that poison that was butter. And sooner than later another eye-opening study proved that no, butter had been good all along and everyone should steer clear of margarine. All the while people swayed and swooshed according to what “scientists” were predicting but, so far, I haven’t heard of anyone dying of a lifelong usage of either butter or margarine. Lately it seems that these debates have moved toward bras. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not refuting the possible downsides to bras, yes, sometimes they’re not the most comfortable but I think everyone should cut them some slack – they've been doing the hard work for years.

            What I’m actually trying to say is that I am not against the idea of giving up on your bra if you’re wearing several layers or just a thick sweater or anything really as long as it wouldn't make any difference besides your enhanced comfort. It’s the general “off with our bras, they’re bad and deadly, let’s free ourselves *wink wink*” group-think effect that is kind of getting on my nerves. It’s the no-bra white tank top everything in clear sight vision that’s making me cringe. Why? This isn't the world I was used to. I’m a big fan of self expression and freedom of speech but there’s a reason people don’t usually walk around naked on the street. I don’t know if I want to talk to my friends and have their breasts stare at me.

So what do you think? Are you with me on keeping our bras on unless the situation is no-bra appropriate or do you think “free breasts” (can I call them that?) are a natural thing and everyone should accept them even if they’re peeking under a white tee? I know what men would think so I’m just waiting for my fellow ladies’ opinions.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Just Add a Vest

Not really a jacket or a cardigan, it doesn’t have sleeves and most times it’s not even meant to be closed up, the vest has been giving me a hard time for a while. She’s just like one of those housewives that complain about how their husbands are too insensitive but then tell them to grow a pair if they show any sign of weakness. Actually, she’s just like most women - highly demanding. I for one always go for a gamble when I wear a vest – one time a sweater might just do it and the other I’m freezing my ass off while rain is pouring down.

            However, today I realized that it’s all worth it for that one day you manage to kick it out of the park. And that’s what I did. Well, to be honest, I didn’t do anything, the weather just really worked in my favour but let’s just say it was mostly me. When you finally manage to wear a vest just right it gives you a great feeling, you know, like you’ve battled the storm and won. *dramatic pause*

            So yeah, what I was trying to say is that if you wake up one morning hung-over after less than 3 hours of sleep (might or might not have been the actual case here), with no disposition to do the things you have to do, just throw on a vest on top of your most boring clothes and you’ll look like you’ve mastered effortless chic.

            So... do you wear vests? Do you like vests? Do you hate vests? Let me know, let me know. 

Zara sweater | Uniqlo jeans | Forever 21 vest

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Happy Easter and What-Not

For all of you celebrating Easter, I hope you have a great time next to your family and loved ones. And for those of you who are just partying away for spring break, dancing in bikinis (or skinny-dipping) on the beach... well I'm just jealous I'm not doing that too! 

Photo credits: The Coveteur 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Queen B's Words, Not Mine

So exams are coming up really soon and like any self-respecting student I’ve been spending most of my days procrastinating and delving into activities in no remote way related to balance sheets and macro-economic principles. During one of my intense web surfing afternoons into the world of Zimbio’s useless but impossible to avoid quizzes (I swear, I shouldn’t call it procrastinating anymore, it’s more like jeopardizing my future) I came across one that would tell me which celebrity I should go on holiday with. Seeing as summer is close I said I’d give it a go; who knows, right – what if I’d lived unaware that I should’ve lounged on the beach with Justin Timberlake my whole life? And guess who I got as my sun-burning, getting sand in my bikini partners? None other than Queen B herself. Like any Queen, she’d also bring her hubby Jay-Z and, unintentionally of course – she’s such a doll  rub all her greatness in my face which would ultimately make me the saddest person alive. I bought this “I woke up like this” t-shirt on Amazon in anticipation of the moment, hoping we’d be outfit twins empowering everyone to run the world. Unfortunately our holiday timetables kind of clashed this year seeing as they are going on tour this summer and I wasn’t really into the idea so I decided to wear it a bit earlier. No bitches bowed down but there’s still time.

Joke, we’re good. 
Amazon t-shirt | Mango skirt | Zara boots and heels

I couldn't help it and had to include this great work of art a friend of mine sent me just so, you know, see that I do wake up like this. 

A big thanks to my lovely friends for helping me take these pictures and stop traffic when necessary. 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Making Old Jeans New Again

I could start by asking whether you'd ever lost interest in a clothing item but that would be rhetorical because I'm sure you have. Very similar to my white jeans issue, I don't really wear grey jeans either even though I love how they look on other girls. So today I dug up my old grey jeans and tried to figure out why I didn't wear them anymore. I'll blame the length, which was definitely more suitable for a normal sized taller girl and not the couple pounds I put on since coming home - definitely more than would be acceptable for a 10-day holiday. But, getting back to the matter in hand, all you'll need for this little makeover is a pair of scissors and a marker or a pen. 
Start out by marking the portion you want to cut and make sure you leave a little more space just to be sure. 
This is pretty obvious... cut the jeans where you've previously marked them. Don't worry if the edges are a bit uneven, that's what I love about this. 
These steps are optional but you can also fray the edges and cut the stitching on the side as high as you want for a more worn look.
And voila! You've got a new pair of jeans :) 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Celebrity Crushes

What is it with us and celebrity crushes? Why do we feel the need to project that much feeling (some people become really intense) on one person that doesn’t even know we exist? We change our wallpapers, fill our Tumblr feeds with them and cover our rooms in posters portraying those hunks handsome men. Is the world we live in really that bad that we need to mentally date a celebrity who doesn’t even know we exist? I’m a great lover of beauty in general so I’ve obviously had multiple celebrity crushes – some greater than others. Lately, however, I’d jumped off the celebrity crush bandwagon and had decided to transform those into a type - seeing as I’m embracing the whole becoming-an-adult process. If someone would ask what my type was then I’d show them the few, yet iconic, celebrity crushes that I’ve really been into. I would see that as a mature way of saying I absolutely love those men and I think they’re gorgeous. However, something happened a few days ago. Something that made me seriously question my resolution.

The one thing that I’ve really missed since leaving for Uni (besides my family and friends, obviously) is going to the cinema. I used to go quite often when I was at home, mostly during winter when the weather wouldn’t allow a lot of variety in our activities. London however is a totally different story when it comes to cinemas – they’re so damn expensive! I don’t mind paying what something is worth but all the cinemas I’ve seen there are so small and quite old and to pay £15 for that is insane when a ticket in Bucharest wouldn’t go beyond £4. So, naturally, one of the main things on my list for this Spring break was going to the cinema. So I went to see Divergent, a movie everyone’s been talking about lately. I really had no expectations, from what I’d heard it seemed to be a sort of Hunger Games, a typical fiction and action movie. But boy oh boy do the best things come when you least expect them! Okay, so it all started nicely, interesting plot, new perspective, Shailene Woodley which I like and just the bit of action it needed. But, half an hour into the movie, maybe less, there’s this initiation process some characters have to go through – jumping from a building into what seems like nothing. Obviously, as expected, Tris, the main character volunteers to go first. And then she falls and guess what? There’s a net underneath. That’s not my point however. So she falls and there’s this voice saying ‘What, did someone push you?’ And then, I swear, I felt like I’d fallen too because I did not expect what I was about to see. Boom, close up on Theo James’s face. If you don’t know who Theo James is, don’t worry, I didn’t either. He’s the lead actor in Divergent and he is damn gorgeous. That’s all you need to know for now. Take a moment, drool over his bone structure and come back and read the rest of the article. Obviously, from then on, every time he showed up on screen the whole theatre would swoon and sigh. I did what any other normal girl would do and checked Imdb to see where he’s from and how old he is and my excitement rose even higher when I saw he’s actually a Brit.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that no matter how old we are we still get these crushes and drool over celebrities even if we maybe don’t show it like we did when we were 15. I think it’s nice and pathetic in a way, just because you know that person’s always going to be there, in your Photo Library. And your iPhone’s wallpaper. And your laptop’s background. And the locket that no one knows it actually opens and has his picture inside. (Okay, maybe that’s a bit too extreme but you get my point) We all need our moments of watching Youtube videos with their interviews or seeing the films they’ve starred in way too many times but after that, girl, it’s time to get back on your feet and face real life. But before doing that, tell me, who’s your celebrity crush?
 Even Shai's all like: "Look at him, he's gorgeous" 

Friday, 11 April 2014

Nike x Riccardo Tisci

BAM!, yet another collaboration between a sports brand and a high-fashion designer has hit cyberspace today and you can now buy the Nike x Riccardo Tisci collection online at and Net-a-Porter.

I honestly think setting their focus towards fashion as well has been one of the best decisions sportswear companies have made in the past few years. It was definitely not an obvious one; the practical aspect of sportswear is too embedded in our minds for anyone to have ever considered it in any way fashionable. However, it all started with Stella McCartney x Adidas and took off with Isabel Marant’s introduction of the ‘wedge sneaker’.

Nike has definitely been one to foster the fashion aspect of its brand in the past years, as can be seen through that fact that only four days after their Nike x Liberty collection launched (and sold out) they came out with their collaboration with Riccardo Tisci, creative director at Givenchy. (two collaborations that are entirely opposed in style and vision) Their website has a section dedicated to Style/Sportswear easily accessible for people that wear Nike apparel but want to take it that step further, make it that more stylish. Not everyone gets the tailored-suit and trainers trend but for those that do Nike has made sure they properly exhibit what they have to offer. As for the actual Riccardo Tisci collection I loved it in a way in which I wouldn’t really wear it (besides the actual running shoes in the collection) but would love to see it on other people. I think the real fashion statement in the collection is the Nike Air Force 1 Boot retailing at a crazy moderate price of $340 and I’m really looking to seeing how (if) anyone tries to style them without ending up looking like Darth Vader. 

What did you think of the collection and collaborations between sports companies and designers in general? Would you wear anything in the Riccardo Tisci collection? 

Images via Vogue, Nike and Google

Thursday, 10 April 2014


A bit late, I know, but I shot these pictures a while ago at a Holi event I attended as part of the Cosmo on Campus campaign I participated in. The main purpose was to shoot for the campaign but I couldn't resist taking some pictures of the people there. I won't post any pictures of the actual people as I haven't asked them for permission but I will take the liberty to post these two pictures that I'm particularly fond of. I think they go well with the arrival of Spring, bringing some colour into our lives. Shamefully, I didn't know much about Holi, this was the first year I'd actually heard of it. All I knew was that people were going to throw coloured powder/chalk everywhere and that I needed to take care of my camera. I did get a bit of colour on my camera (and on myself) which gave the guy from the stationery store the opportunity to make fun of the green stain on my face when I went in later that day to buy some ink for my printer. "That's where all the ink went haha" he tried to joke... 

 I hope you guys enjoy the pictures :)


Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Okay, so here it goes. This is one shameless promoting post which I hope you'll all go with and won't hold against me when times get rough. I saw that Company were holding their Style Blogger Awards 2014 on Style Memoire (go and vote for her as well, under the Best Personal Style Blog - Newcomer) so I thought I might give it a go, too. 

I nominated myself - yes, you have to nominate yourself because, to be honest, who else can better say that your blog is the best if not yourself - under the Best International Blog section because I like to think that what we do here is a little bit of this and a little bit of that, not only fashion in the traditional sense. 

All you have to do, if you think I'm the best (please do!), is access this LINK and nominate me in the same International Blog category, using my URL - Also, you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. If you nominate me you can enter the Missguided giveaway and have the opportunity to win £250 to spend at Missguided. So chop chop, cast your votes!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Times are Changing

DSC_0453 (2)
                Turns out that being at home hasn't made me more active in respect to the content I post on the blog, quite the contrary. I shot these on a quick trip in town pairing my pinstripe trousers in two different ways: one, fit for when you want to be a bit dressed up and, the second, how I would be more inclined to wear them. I love how fashion’s turned towards the more comfortable side of life; once governed by sky-high heels, now – over-saturated with sneakers and brogues. It might be Isabel Marant that started this 180° change in trends with her wedge trainers but I don’t really care as long as I have such a selection of flats to choose from. I love heels and I think they give you a very different, much more elegant, silhouette but I wouldn't be honest if I said I can walk all day, every day, in them. As long as I’ll have to take the underground and walk for more than the distance from my door to the car I won’t be caught in very high heels often.

            I've been wearing these pinstripe trousers non-stop since I bought them and I still can’t get enough. A few weeks ago I posted an outfit with the matching blazer which I also wear as often as I can, with or without pairing it with the pants.

DSC_0428 (2)
            What do you guys think? Would you rather wear heels all day or do you stick to the more comfy look, like I do? 

I was wearing:
Topshop leather jacket
Zara trousers
Massimo Dutti t-shirt
Forever 21 bag
Zara heels
Converse trainers

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

            Today’s post is about how I've got nothing to show you. There’s no trick and no subtle meaning behind it, just that I should've had some content, would've had some content if only I could've remembered to charge my camera. As prepared as I normally am, I dragged my lovely mother around town trying to find the right spot to shoot and then I realized how dumb I’d been, forgetting my camera on for a couple of days and completely draining its battery.
            On a different note, I’m back home for a couple of weeks, just in time to celebrate Easter and revise for exams in a familiar environment. Had to carry 14 kilograms of books back here which left me with enough room in my suitcase for some underwear, my sports shoes, a couple of t-shirts and my cosmetics so that should make for an interesting holiday.
            Hope you all have a great spring break, wherever you are and whatever you do. :)


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