Stockholm Postcard

It seems like ages since I went to Stockholm (not to mention how long it’s been since I last wrote something here). Not to become one of those girls that do a photoshoot and post a picture a month for the following year, you know, just to remember everyone that they went on said photoshoot, but I was browsing through pictures from my Scandi trip and the sun and warmth of Stockholm won by miles against London’s chilly weather. 

I came back from Stockholm thinking it had not impressed me too much, thinking I might have set the bar too high and being a bit confused by how in the three days I spent there the city managed to remind me of both Vienna and Barcelona at the same time. I did not score pictures of the best views and felt like I had lost my photographic mojo for a while there but I guess I traded impressive photos for fun nights with old friends, Pizza Hut for dinner and just a great time in the best company. Not a bad turnout I guess…


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