So, this happened...

You know how sometimes you participate in a random raffle or giveaway and you are lucky enough to be the winner? That never happens to me. Never ever. In my 20 years of living I have never won a giveaway and God knows I’ve signed up for my fair share of them. That was until this Tuesday.

I had completely forgotten about Vogue Fashion Night Out (despite the two reminders I had set on my phone) when my best friend let me know she was coming to London especially for it. And, because the best things happen when you least expect them (I do love a cliché every once in a while), the 23rd of September turned out to be my winning day. I got to win a gift voucher at Aldo and then won the House of Fraser Twitter competition. It might not seem like much but for me this pretty much makes up for a whole life of losing strikes. I remember that when I first started blogging I was overwhelmed by the thought of being noticed. I couldn’t understand how the bloggers I followed had managed to get such exposure when there were thousands others doing the same thing – how could you get your own voice across? And even so, did I have a voice or was my blog just another one of those that would eventually fade into the background? To be fair, I still haven’t figured that out and I think only time will be able to give me the answer to this question. My point, however, is that on Tuesday I realised how much being in the right place at the right time matters. Is it only good luck? Maybe.

                Here is a compilation of some pictures I took while we were out, I truly had a great night with my friends and wanted to share it with you. I’m really glad there are fashion events widely available out there, where people can get a taste of this industry without requiring a formal invitation or 10k followers on their social platforms. Fashion week is amazing but still holds a sense of exclusivity which disappears at VFNO so I definitely encourage giving it a go next year – who knows what will be in store for you?

Hope you have a great weekend! :)  


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