London Fashion Week

Last year I posted inspiration from the Fashion Week I hadn't attended. This year I'm posting pictures from the Fashion Week I sort of attended. I was actually in London during Fashion Week this season so I decided to go around Somerset House and take some pictures of the fashion scene around there, maybe meet some of the bloggers I've been following for a while. However, I decided to go there on the worst possible day - the day Burberry held its show in Kensington Gardens. Needless to mention there was no one there, apart from me and a couple other people that probably hadn't got the memo. Memo or no memo, there were a couple of pretty cool outfits that I spotted around so I just thought I'd quickly slap them on here. I haven't been feeling very inspired lately so I am slowly trying to get my mojo back and get back into a blogging routine (if I ever had one haha).


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