Wasted Outfits

Fall Inspiration

Fall Inspiration by mariadinca featuring Acne Studios

            There is a general consensus lately that one should always make the most of life, suck every little ounce of opportunity every single moment. Films like – make you think that even while your senses are still half asleep during your 7:30 coffee, lashes still more or less glued together and mood cranky enough to seriously diminish the number of friends willing to stand you, opportunity can arise, be it professional or romantic. Bottom line, you always have to be at your best. No exceptions. Mick Jagger might pop by your local grocery store and you will wish you put on your Rolling Stones t-shirt instead of the baggy sweater you have been living in for the past three days.

            The funny thing is, most of the time, it’s not the opportunities missed due to outfits, it’s the outfits wasted because of lousy days that get us. Few things are more disappointing than getting dressed up in the morning, loving your outfit and then realizing it was all for nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I am all up for being self-sufficient and not needing other people’s approval to feel good, but let’s admit it. We are suckers for the attention. Has a compliment ever felt bad? I love myself in sweatpants, but I love myself even more when I get to dress up and have compliments shot at me.

            In the name of wasted outfits, here is some of my inspiration for fall. Hope you enjoy!


Fall Inspiration


Fall Inspiration


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