I am definitely no beauty expert (and I don’t think I will ever be) but lately I have enjoyed researching some more into what beauty and skincare products would suit my skin type and complexion. I guess the advantage with me is that I very seldom change my routine, I don’t buy tens of products but rather stick to the select few that I love. With that in mind you can understand why it can be difficult for me to find the right beauty products and why I have quite a few gaps in my beauty arsenal (I have been researching serums for the past year and still haven’t figured out which ones I want to try).

                However, while I was in London last week, I went into Harrods to check out their summer sale (N.B. I had no intention of buying anything and I actually managed to stick to my guns) and stopped by the MAC counter as per usual. Apart from swatching Plumful again, as I always do when I am near a MAC counter, I also dabbled into some other shades, out of curiosity. And that’s when I tried out Lovelorn. It was such a random pick and I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting anything from it. But I absolutely loved it. I’ve never liked nudes or light pink colours on my lips because they wash me out and make me look like Frankenstein’s bride but this one was just dark enough of a pink to be the perfect your-lips-but-better lipstick. Not sure anyone is interested in the lipsticks I own but I know I like to see what other people have been loving, sometimes  you can find out about so many nice products you hadn’t even heard before. There has been so much hype around Creme Cup or Creme d’Nude by MAC, I think every blogger I know has mentioned them once, but I own both and neither one really suits me which is why I almost never wear them. However, Lovelorn is perfect and I absolutely love it, although I had never even heard of it before randomly picking it off the shelf last week. Although I didn't buy it on the spot, I made sure to pick it up while I was in the airport.

                Anyway, I just wanted to share this little thing that I have been loving lately and let you guys in on the secret, because if you are as fair as me this might just be the perfect everyday lipstick for you. Plus, I have to admit it... I was also drawn in by the name.


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