In my ideal 5-item wardrobe a button-down shirt would definitely be a key element. I have discovered that, strangely enough, with clothes, I never seem to start with essentials. My whole wardrobe consists of exactly one white shirt, all the rest are either striped, plaid or coloured. My mother is probably exasperated with the amount of plain t-shirts I have bought this summer, a strange choice when my wardrobe is literally overflowing, but one of the few things I actually need. Plain t-shirts must be my absolute favourite item right now, as they go with absolutely anything and everything, for (almost) any occasion. With fall creeping up on me though I might switch my focus on shirts – I already have my eyes on a few Zara ones, but more on that later. 

                I bought this shirt for an interview last winter and have been wearing it in so many combinations that I thought it deserved a spot on the blog. Nothing formal, paired up with my high-waisted shorts as I am trying to keep hold of summer for as long as I can. I definitely would have preferred wearing some espadrilles with this look, but seeing as the simple idea of the delivery time to Romania put me off, I still haven’t bought a pair. This is one acquisition I will probably postpone until next summer. Not sure on ballet flats just yet, I started the summer completely bored of them, looking for other types of shoes, but they seem to be growing on me again, just as rainy London is so close again.



  1. Hi Maria! I found your blog through IFB and I asked for your friendship.I'm agree with your words and with your choices: this look is perfect! Kisses,


    1. Hi Eni! Thank you so much, I have just accepted your request :) Excited to check out your blog!


  2. beautiful look!!<3 I love how classy this is, and that tiny necklace adds so much to this look!


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