Do Holiday Destinations Have Expiry Dates?

                I am probably the only one of my friends that hasn’t been to Ibiza. But then again, I’ve always been a bit late to jump on the bandwagon. Ibiza has probably been one of the most popular summer destinations for a couple decades now, with clubs providing live sex since the 70s and colonies of nudists around most beaches. Four out of five people I know have been to Ibiza following their graduation to enjoy uncensored fun* before parting with their classmates to go to University. For the past 5 years (the time I have consciously planned holidays for myself) Ibiza came into discussion every summer either because someone had been or was planning to go there. I still have no idea what Ibiza is like, I have never Googled it nor have I looked for pictures of its beaches. And even if I had planned to go there I still probably wouldn’t have done that because Ibiza has a reputation that surpasses any reasonable online search. You do not question why key destinations like this one are this popular nor do you look to see whether you would actually enjoy it. Going there is an experience in itself and you are GUARANTEED to have a blast. Also, you are 17 and hormonal and non-stop partying is what you think will help you relax after exams. Weirdly enough, it does. 

                Anyway, enough with Ibiza. Apparently that’s what holiday karma said last year. Over the course of two years I have noticed how Ibiza has slowly given way to its heir, Mykonos, as Holiday King/Queen (let’s not discriminate). Everyone and their mother seems to have been to Mykonos this year. I could probably write a full post on Mykonos right now after all the pictures, tips and tricks, packing advice, partying advice, eating advice and many more articles I’ve read during the past months. While my Instagram feed has been buzzing with Santorini sunsets and Mykonos windmills, Ibiza has been terribly quiet this year. So my question is, do holiday destinations have an expiry date? Do places need to hand out their crowns to their successors or is it just that one generation gives way to another? Do people genuinely go elsewhere or is it just the people I am surrounded by that have changed their holiday patterns? Or even worse, have we outgrown Ibiza?! Have we given up on house music and vodka in Ibiza in favour of house music and a romantic Santorini sunset in the Greek islands? 

* perfunctory sex, getting too drunk (maybe naked) with you school friends because it’s the first and last time you will ever get to do that together


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